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SKA’s history runs parallel with the history of the modern poultry industry.
A path that encompasses over half a century of industry.
Since our foundation, we have always gone against the grain and we managed to stand out and build a highly technological structure over time, remaining a production company with a deeply international spirit.

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Modern poultry equipment manufacturer

SKA has been operating in the poultry equipment sector for free-range farming since 1954: our work processes, from design to production, take place in Italy, to guarantee the customer excellent quality and customer service and rapid delivery.
Our feeding, drinking, lighting and air conditioning systems are designed to conform to animal welfare, the applicable regulations in force and the requirements of the farmers. The materials are resistant and hygienic and the components of the equipment are easily accessible for thorough cleaning.
Furthermore, over the years we have consolidated a network of dealers in various countries, which is available to our customers for direct contact without long waits.

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Turnkey poultry systems

SKA offers turnkey service: a complete design, from the shed to the internal systems, set up to the smallest detail. We take care of collecting useful data and carrying out structural calculations for the technical drawings, sharing every step with the customer. If necessary, we carry out an inspection for a more in-depth assessment.
We advise the customer when choosing the individual equipment models, to identify the most suitable solution based on the reference standards and the type of farm, with the aim of management being more functional and increasing productivity.
Our turnkey service includes delivery and installation.

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SKA manufactures the world’s widest range of poultry equipment for floor rearing