Since 1954, our experience for your future

The history

SKA’s history runs parallel with the history of the modern poultry industry.

A path that encompasses over half a century of innovation. Since our foundation, we have always gone against the grain compared to many other companies in the sector and, thanks to our traditional passion for customised poultry systems, we managed to stand out and build a highly technological structure over time, remaining an Italian production company with a deeply international spirit.

SKA continues to mark the fundamental moments in the evolution of poultry free-range farming; a point of reference for leading Italian and foreign groups and, at the same time, a direct support for small farms.

Technical department

The design of the equipment is carried out in the company by specialised personnel, with particular attention to the needs of the farmer and the evolution of the market. The direct dialogue with the client has allowed us to develop a proven experience in the management of farms and in solving the problems related to them. We are able to efficiently support our farmers and suppliers, helping them find answers and concrete solutions for every need. The presence of an internal technical department ensures the immediate transition from the design to the testing phase, and finally to the control of the production.


Significant investments are constantly directed towards innovation in the entire production sector, thus ensuring a high level of automation that optimises production times, as well as a prompt response to supply requests.
The production process complies with the ISO9001:2015 quality system and the welding of the metal structures is carried out in accordance with EN 1090-1:2009/A1:2011 certification.


We manufacture and export a wide range of solutions all over the world; each one tested to offer excellent results. Whether they be small family-sized businesses or intensive, organic or alternative farms, we provide our customers with a complete range of floor equipment for broiler chickens, laying hens, breeding stock, turkeys, ducks, quails, guinea fowl and pheasants.

Main Goal

SKA’s main priority is customers’ success. Our commitment is to produce efficient and reliable systems to enable farmers to go about their daily work with ease. We are keen to produce at our Sandrigo site, as this allows us to follow and control the product throughout the entire manufacturing process up to its marketing, in compliance with the standard quality parameters that SKA has always adopted.


The history of Ska Srl begins in 1954 and runs parallel with the history of the modern poultry industry. Through continuous technical innovation, the Company has marked fundamental evolutionary changes in the field.
The company’s goal is to provide and maintain services and products characterized by high-quality standards.

SKA group

Poultry plants
Rabbit plants

SKA is socially committed

SKA, which has always been active in supporting international cooperation, to honour the memory of President Mara Borriero has developed in close collaboration with CESVI various multi-year protection and aid projects:

  • KINSHAS’S ANGELS (GLI ANGELI DI KINSHASA) a vocational training centre for street girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo to give them a perspective of an independent and free future;
  • THE HOUSES OF SMILES in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Peru; protected places where girls and boys are welcomed in a serene and hospitable atmosphere.
    COME CON CAUSA; the first solidarity restaurant in the Peruvian capital, a place that was created to provide girls at the House of Smiles in Lima with jobs. The houses of smiles.
  • Dino Pozzato, president of the SKA and Meneghin Group, has been personally involved for years in fundraising missions for concrete aid to countries in need.
  • SKA has always supported and promoted sport and local associations such as ASD Azzurra Calcio, Sandrigo Hockey and Sandrigo Bike.

SKA for the environment

100% renewable
Installed on part of the company’s roof, the photovoltaic system has a surface area of 4000 m2, reaching a power of 400 kW and preventing the emission of over 230 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere in a year.

Lowland forest
At the beginning of 2009, a 12,000 m² lowland forest was planted in the SKA green area.
This intervention is part of a particular territorial context and is located a few hundred meters from the Tesina river.
In addition to the high ecological, landscape and flora enjoyment value, it will allow an increase in the local fauna.