Poultry nesting systems

SKA offers two different types of poultry nesting systems. AVIO, made of galvanized steel and ZEUS, in birch plywood. Both are designed for both layers and breeders, ensuring the animals a natural and quiet environment. 
The automated egg collection belt allows to drastically reduce work, as well delivering eggs clean and intact to the end. The nests are modular, sized according to the different farming types, available in various models and can be supplied complete with a slatted surface.
All the offered solutions can be integrated with our centralized egg collection system, CONVOY, which is able to convey the eggs from different sheds up to the packing area.

Poultry nesting systems installations

Frequently Asked Questions

Nesting modules are calculated from time to time, taking into account the animal density per farm. Each hole has a certain capacity, which varies, depending on the type of farming: laying hens, organic hens or breeders.

The modularity of SKA nests, in addition to the wide range of models available, offers a specific solution for every need.

Thanks to the materials used, SKA nests are easy to wash and sanitize, the special care with which they have been designed ensures a quiet, comfortable and protected environment for the animals. 

The automatic collection of clean eggs, reduces cracks, also allows a significant reduction in labour.

A nest can be used in organic farms when it meets the requirements of current regulations. European legislation has established a maximum number of birds/m2, in the case of the nest, 1 m for every 120 hens (83,3 cm2/hen)

The cost of a nest is variable, depending on the model, the type of farming (conventional or organic laying hens, breeders) and the house size. SKA offers customized solutions to meet your needs and budget.