Semiautomatic nests

Automatic laying nest

Automatic laying nest is designed exclusively for farming free-range or grazing laying hens.
Used mainly in family farms, for the collection of eggs for domestic use or for door-to-door re-sale.
These nests are easy to set up and can be adapted to different layouts inside the sheds, they also provide the hens with an ideal and comfortable environment for laying. To be combined with manual or automatic feeders and waterers.

Technical features

Very sturdy galvanised steel nest. The nest has no sharp parts that can hurt the animals or the operator. The construction material simplifies the cleaning and sanitation phases.

Equipped with reinforced plastic front perch, which makes it easier for the hen to access the nest and lay the egg. Once laid, the egg rolls smoothly into the collection box, placed on the front or rear, through a sloped plastic chute. The egg is kept intact and clean while waiting for manual collection. The front or rear box is equipped with a door to remove dirt.

SKA offers several options: nests with 2,3,4,6 holes, all with front collection box and equipped with hooks for hanging.
The 10 hole nests, on the other hand, are only available in two versions: with front egg collection box or with rear egg collection box. Both versions include hooks for hanging, or they can be supported by legs.
Also, as far as the version with a front egg collection box is concerned, it is possible to buy the back separately, which is instead already included in the nest with the rear collection box.

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