Aries and Orion slats

Polypropylene slats, entirely designed and manufactured within SKA.

ARIES is the slat that best suits the breeding stock; its non-slip surface has been designed to provide animals with maximum comfort. 

ORION is instead recommended for commercial layers, in aviaries or in full perch farms.

Technical features

Made of pure UV-stabilised polypropylene, highly resistant to trampling, temperature changes and chemicals.
The two models are produced with different holes, but both allow the animal to cling naturally and find optimal support when moving.

The sturdiness of the panel allows to install additional equipment such as feeders, waterers and perches above them.

The surface ensures a good hygienic condition, as the chicken droppings pass through the holes easily, thus avoiding deposits on the panels.

The 90x60cm panels are designed to be supported by a self-bearing structure made of steel bars, placed every 90 cm, of the length corresponding to the slat area provided for in the order. The assembly of the structure and the slats is quick and easy, thanks to the interlocking shape of the panels, which do not require any screws to be fixed.

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