Lighting systems for poultry farms

SKA offers customised service for poultry farm lighting systems, designing them according to the size of the shed and the type of animals. Our experts evaluate the best solution, in conformity with current regulations and suitable for the animal requirements. The latter, in fact, have a different perception of brightness from that of humans: therefore, it is necessary to install a system that has an intensity adjustment mechanism that spreads the light at a wide radius, without intermittence, which can cause stress in animals and have an adverse effect on productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A lighting system for poultry farms inside sheds must be:

  • water resistant, to be cleaned regularly;
  • homogeneous distribution of light points reaching the entire surface area of the shed;
  • efficient, to guarantee an excellent balance between illuminated space and consumed energy.

We guide the customer to choose the most suitable solution based on their requirements and the type of farm.

SKA lighting systems are:

  • customised;
  • quality-made, because all the components are produced by the best European companies;
  • suitable for animal welfare, because it is possible to adjust the intensity of the lights and control the sleep/wake cycle of the animals, thereby optimising the growth process.

SKA has been working in the free-range poultry farming sector for over 60 years: thanks to our experience and the vast range of products we offer, we can always recommend the most suitable solution.

The cost of a lighting system varies according to the surface area to be illuminated and the type of product chosen. Our team of experts evaluates the best lighting system and draws up a quote. The purchase of lights can be included in our turnkey service, which includes delivery and installation.