Aviary Athena

System designed for the farming of pullets destined for the production phase in the aviary. Composed of different levels, it accustoms the animals to move freely in the shed, pushing them to jump to reach the waterer or the feeders. Self-supporting structure, easy to assemble, adaptable to existing sheds. Thanks to a system of mobile platforms, it facilitates the management of the farm during the brooding phase.

Technical features

Self-supporting metal structure consisting of portals available in different widths, supported by two or three columns, mounted three metres apart. The equipment for weaning the animals is attached to the portals, making the system completely independent from the shed.

ATHENA consists of moving platforms, some of which can be lifted through motorised winches, arranged in the centre of the structure, while others are hinged to the columns and can rotate from horizontal to vertical, so as to contain the chicks inside the aviary during the first phases.
Depending on the type of platform chosen, they can be arranged on the three levels of the structure.
The surface of the platforms is made of ORION polypropylene slats, resistant to trampling and easy to wash.

The structure can be integrated with the customer’s equipment or purchased complete with SKA equipment, suitably sized according to the farm needs.
Chain feed circuits, fixed or liftable, equipped with perches, or flat feed lines, waterers, independent perches or perches fixed to the columns are the equipment commonly supplied with ATHENA.

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