Ventilation and cooling systems for poultry houses

SKA has been designing equipment for free-range poultry farms for over 60 years, with the aim of guaranteeing ideal living conditions for the animals.
The fundamental function of the ventilation and cooling systems in poultry farms is to lower the temperature inside the shed during the hottest periods and guarantee proper air exchange to safeguard the welfare of the animals. The temperature is kept constant thanks to a system that consists of air extractors, evaporative panels and air intakes. It is also possible to integrate the system with a pressurised mechanism that distributes water spray in the area through a number of nozzles.
Our experts are at the customer’s disposal to guide their choice towards the most suitable solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A ventilation and cooling system for poultry sheds must reach all areas of the farm evenly to ensure optimal temperature control. For this SKA has a team of qualified experts for the correct sizing of the systems.

SKA air conditioning solutions are:

  • made to measure according to the customer’s requirements with quality materials produced in Italy;
  • long-lasting, as they are made of specifically treated materials to withstand the harshest conditions for a long time;
  • adjustable from an automatic control unit.

Every farm has specific characteristics based on:

  • climate of the site where the shed is located;
  • dimensions and insulation rating of the shed;
  • type of animals;
  • number of animals per square metre.

SKA ventilation and cooling systems can be customised according to the requirements of the farmer: we take care of drawing up a quote based on the data available.
It is possible to include the delivery and installation of the air conditioning system in our turnkey service.