Since its introduction on the market, the automatic chicken feeder has been able to keep up with the demands linked to the development of the free-range broiler chicken sector. The introduction of various accessories that complete the system have made it the right answer for many farmers to the need to reduce the costs related to the purchase of feed and labour.

Technical features

The feed-retaining arches of the LEO feeder and the internal regulator rings educate the chicks to feed themselves from day one by staying out of the pan, preventing them from scraping around on the inside of the pan, thus avoiding dirtying and wasting the feed.

LEO has been designed with different types of internal regulator rings and different pan heights to best suit the various types of chicken farming: from light to heavy chicken. The feed level can be easily changed using the regulator ring, which offers 5 setting options that can be selected at any time.
The pans have been designed with two different heights, 6.3 or 7.5 cm and both contain plenty of feed to ensure that the day-old chick can feed themselves at will. Instead, during the adult phase, the feed level is kept to a minimum but constantly supplied in proportion to the animals’ appetite, thus preventing stagnation. Products made of polypropylene, a non-toxic material with UV protection, easy to clean, which ensures a high level of hygiene.

Thanks to the SKA patent, the centralised lifting winch, which can be manual or motorised, it simplifies the transition from “chick feeder” to “chicken feeder” in a single operation. In this way, the feed level is adjusted in all pans at the same time.

The feed is distributed through a spiral that rotates inside 3 m long galvanised perforated tubes with a thickness of 1 mm. The tubes feature an outlet hole positioned at 100 cm or 75 cm to guarantee the number of feeders necessary for the growth of the chickens, and are designed with internal welding, which keeps the tube cylindrical. This detail does not damage the spiral during its rotation and does not create any external obstacle. An opening at one end of each tube makes it easier to install the next.

In addition to the internal regulator rings and the choice between two pans of different heights, the LEO feeder can also be used in duck farming, by purchasing an external ring that, once mounted on the pan, increases its capacity to contain the feed, thus meeting the needs of this bird.

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