The fully liftable automatic feed pan dispenser is part of the versatile Lyra-G range, suitable for breeding cockerels.
Cockerels are particularly aggressive and vigorous; besides, the rationing of the feed helps to make them hungry and nervous. The ideal feeder must therefore be sturdy, stable and have ample space for accessing the feed.
The spiral conveyor system, sized to feed the breeding stock, ensures a constant amount of fresh feed in each pan of the line.

Technical features

The system distributes the feed quickly thanks to a spiral with increased pitch and drive units of suitable speed for feeding the breeding stock.
The shape of the feed outlets and their positioning along the pipe, determined according to a graduated table during assembly, ensure the simultaneous distribution of the feed on each pan.

The Lyra-G feeder is part of the Lyra polyvalent range, in a version designed for cockerels.
The two clamps in the upper part of the drop secure the feeders to the feeding line, avoiding oscillations.
Wide access to the feed and anti-waste border.

The cockerel feeding lines can be integrated with electronic weighing systems, mounted directly in the hoppers of each line. Connected to the auger motorised drops, they allow to choose and weigh the feed to be supplied on each line.

Lyra-G feeding lines can be supplied with specific daily lifting systems, normally required in breeding systems.

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