Chicken feeding systems

Broilers feeding systems

SKA chicken feeders are designed and built to ensure animal welfare, to facilitate schedules and reduce labour costs.
SKA has over 60 years of experience in the poultry farming sector: we select only quality Made In Italy materials and offer solutions that conform to current regulations.
The SKA models of feeders are specifically designed for broilers and suitable for feeding the animals from the very first days of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chicken feeder lines must be:

  • easily accessible by the animals;
  • adjustable in height and quantity of fodder, according to the growth stages of the animals;
  • sanitisable in a few steps.

All SKA chicken feeder models are waste-free, with the aim of optimising farm productivity: they do not allow animals to take the food out or step on it.
We offer a vast range of chicken feeding lines, which are functional from chick through to adult stage.

Every SKA product derives from a study of animal habits to offer a practical solution to the farmer.
SKA feeding systems for chickens are:

  • designed ad hoc;
  • waste-free;
  • resistant, thanks to the Made In Italy materials.

SKA feeders optimise costs by reducing labour: the height of the feeders is automatically adjustable for the entire line in one step.

Thanks to their design studied in detail, the SKA automatic and waste-free chicken feeders prevent animals from accumulating fodder on the edges, or making it come out.
The stations are positioned by a winch (manual or motorised) that raises and sets the entire line of feeders at the desired height, thereby optimising the operation schedules and labour costs.

A chicken feeding system has a variable cost, depending on the customer’s requirements. SKA experts recommend the best products, suitable for small and large farms.
Thanks to our variety of models, we can offer a quote for different and specific solutions, suitable for the type and size of the farm.

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