It performs automatic washing of SKA slats and the main pads available on the market. Entirely made of stainless steel, it features a sturdy and durable structure.
Compact and easy to transport.

Technical features

One operator can wash about 100 slats per hour, considerably reducing cleaning times and costs. Significant savings in water consumption.

The models vary according to the height of the slats entrance hole, which must adapt to the different dimensions on the market. The position of the nozzles is also adjusted during production, depending on the slat model to be washed.
HYDRA can be supplied with standard or rotating nozzles, the latter increase the required water flow rate.

The models with standard nozzles are usually compatible with pressure washer already in use by the farmer which have a water flow rate of 15 litres per minute at 150 BAR, while the version with rotating nozzles requires pressure washers with a larger capacity, 38 litres per minute at 150 BAR.

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