SKA: poultry equipment since 1954

Free range commercial poultry equipment

SKA has been operating in the field of products for free-range and organic poultry farming for decades. Our approach is based on the study of animal behaviour, so as to always be able to offer solutions that fulfil the requirements of the life cycle of the reared animals.
All our poultry equipment is Made In Italy: we believe that the quality of the materials determines the output of the final product.
We customise the offers based on the characteristics of the farm, considering the size and type of animals, the climatic conditions of the site and the customer’s requirements: all in accordance with current regulations.

Poultry farming equipment: all our products

SKA commercial poultry farming equipment is suitable for all types of animals: broilers, breeders, turkeys and laying hens, but also ducks, quail and others, in all stages of their growth. The feeding and drinking lines are height-adjustable thanks to an automated mechanism that reduces labour costs and time.
Our models of plate and chain feeders are waste-free, thanks to an innovative design that allows easy access to the animals.
In order to guarantee animal welfare and optimise productivity, we provide air conditioning systems consisting of extractors, pad cooling and hot air generators and a lighting system with adjustable intensity light points. The systems guarantee great automation and offer the possibility of being managed remotely using modern controllers.

It is possible to include the installation of the equipment in our turnkey service.

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