Poultry houses

Commercial free range poultry housing

SKA has been designing and building sheds for free-range and biological poultry houses since 1954 that guarantee animal welfare and excellent output of the final product. We were among the first companies in Europe to spread the culture of free-range farming, as an alternative to cage farming, to protect the health and primary needs of the animals.
Today, our products, practical and innovative, are known globally.

Poultry houses

We offer sheds for poultry farms that produce: broilers; breeders; laying hens; pullets; turkeys.  SKA products conform to European directives for poultry sheds designed for organic farms, in terms of space and types of equipment for feeding and drinking.

We follow the customer at every stage, from design to implementation of the poultry sheds, thanks to a turnkey service, which also includes delivery and assembly.
We offer three shed models: prefabricated, built in structural steel and buffered with sandwich panels of differentQ thickness, depending on the requirements; mobile, transportable on wheels thanks to the base that can be raised; tunnel-type, with a fixed steel structure.

SKA promotes Made In Italy quality: from the materials to the building processes. Thanks to a centralised work organization, we can guarantee rapid supply and thanks to the network of dealers that we have consolidated over time, we provide direct and efficient customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

A shed for poultry farms is defined as organic when it fulfils the requirements set forth by current regulations. For example, European legislation has set forth a maximum number of animals per square metre, with the aim of ensuring the animals enjoy freedom of movement. An organic farm also follows precise rules regarding feeding, 50% of which must also derive from organic farming.

A shed for free-range poultry farming must ensure:

  • freedom of movement for the animals;
  • possibility of outdoor access (in the case of organic farms);
  • drinking and feeding stations with wide access;
  • structures for laying eggs, if rearing laying hens, breeders or turkeys for eggs;
  • lighting and ventilation systems, to create a favourable climate for animal life.

SKA is a company specialising in the design and construction of sheds for free-range farming, in compliance with the reference European and non-European regulations.

SKA offers turnkey service, which ranges from the design to the construction of the shed. Our Sales Department is responsible for collecting data and information from the customer that is useful for drawing up a quote. An inspection can be requested, both in the case of a new construction, or to restructure or renovate systems.
SKA always customises the offer based on the customer’s needs and the surveyed plan, the expected number of animals and the type of farm.
Our customer service is at your disposal during the sales and after-sales stages of the poultry sheds, to clarify any doubt or for any critical issue.

We have been manufacturers of poultry sheds and modern poultry housing systems with innovative technologies and respectful towards the needs of animals since 1954. Choosing SKA means relying on:

  • a company with over 60 years of experience;
  • a company that adopts European standards for the affixing of the CE marking. Each of our suppliers is EN 1090 certified and is required to provide certification of their materials;
  • a team of qualified professionals;
  • Made in Italy philosophy, from the materials to the final set up;
  • a network of dealers around the world;
  • rapid and precise service.

We listen to the customer’s requirements and always find the most suitable solution.

The cost of a poultry shed varies: it depends on the model (prefabricated, mobile or tunnel-type); the type of farm (if laying hens, chickens, breeders or turkeys); the requirements set forth by current legislation (European or non-European); the conformation and climate of the site. SKA offers customised solutions to guarantee the best according to the customer’s requirements and budget.