Turkey poultry houses

SKA designs and builds customised turkey poultry houses: based on the topographic data provided by the customer, we are able to identify the possible presence of unevenness in the ground and to produce technical drawings for the structure of the systems, through structural calculations. Every stage is shared with the customer, with the aim of personalising the offer. It is also possible to request an inspection to assess potentially critical situations accurately, or to establish a restructuring operation.
We offer three types of turkey sheds:

  • prefabricated sheds, with sandwich panels;
  • mobile sheds, with a raised base and transportable on wheels;
  • tunnel sheds, with a steel structure.

SKA has been active in the field of poultry rearing houses since 1954: we have been guaranteeing experience and expertise to our customers for decades.

Poultry houses for turkeys

Turkey poultry houses installations

Frequently Asked Questions

A SKA turkey rearing house is always designed with a specific goal: to ensure the welfare of the animals and therefore, the quality of the final product. The construction of the shed and the related systems (feeders and drinkers, lighting and ventilation) follows a custom process, in compliance with current regulations regarding the number of turkeys allowed per square metre. We work all around the world, in compliance with the applicable laws and provide the customer with a solution that is within budget and in accordance with the characteristics of the site and type of farm.

SKA has been promoting Made In Italy since 1954: we invest in Italian quality, from the raw materials to production.
We guarantee:

  • rapid implementation and delivery;
  • a network of trusted suppliers in different countries;
  • customer service at every stage, while respecting schedules.

Furthermore, SKA offers a vast choice of products, which allows all requirements to be fulfilled and the regulatory constraints of European and non-European states to be complied with.

The cost for the design and construction of a shed includes several variables:

  • customer requirements;
  • the size of the farm;
  • climate of the site.

Ska offers ad hoc service at every stage, thanks to the know-how of our Technical Department. It is essential for us to listen to and share information with the customer, with the aim of identifying the most suitable solution for the request.
We offer turnkey service: from installation, to transport, up to assembly.

The number may vary according to:

  • current legislation;
  • the type of farm.

The European Union, for example, establishes a minimum and a maximum number of turkeys per square metre that an organic farm can hold, regardless of the size of the shed.

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