Prefabricated shed

Each shed is specifically designed in detail, taking into account the customer’s requirements, the construction area and the regulations in force in terms of structural loads.
The many options available with reference to the shed, as well as the possibility to complete it with accessories such as ventilation and lighting, allow customising every single project.

Technical features

Steel profiles, calculated from time to time, are used for the construction of the structure.
The structures are made of beams fixed to the columns, anchored to the foundations through suitably sized lag bolts. The stability and stiffening of the structure are guaranteed by a series of bracing arranged in layer and wall.

The roof covering is realised in corrugated sandwich panels in double painted steel sheet, with an interposed layer of high-density polyurethane foam; Depending on the required thickness, there are different characteristics of mechanical resistance and heat transfer.
The walls are made of monolithic sandwich panels with features similar to the roof covering. Having to absorb the load due to the wind, they are supported by a specific structure that allows their correct distribution.
Panels in various thicknesses and colours are available.

It is possible to choose windows with different handling systems, various materials, depending on the type of ventilation and farming to be carried out.

Made of metal structure, whose roof covering consists of the same panels as the shed, the side walls are made of a metal grating. Commonly equipped with a mesh access door and can be complete with outlets to allow animals to go out.

Various ventilation systems are available according to different needs:
the first solution consists in equipping the shed with a motorised mobile ridge, allowing a certain amount of air recirculation. The ridge is made of painted sheet metal, of the same colour as the roof covering panels.
The second solution is to use air inlets, usually equipped with fans or with the mobile ridge.
Finally, it is possible to install cooling panels made of a special cellulose material, through which water falls by gravity; a flow of air is forced through the panels by fans, and cooled considerably. The panels, placed on the side walls of the shed, are sized according to the specifications of the farm.

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