Commercial chicken houses

Commercial chicken coops: broiler sheds design and sale

SKA offers its customers a complete service of design, construction and sale of commercial chicken coops and broiler sheds. Our company customises every offer by studying the customer’s needs and the conformation of the site where the shed will be installed.
You can choose between three types of chicken coops: prefabricated chicken sheds; tunnel chicken sheds; mobile chicken sheds.

Our sales representatives are at your disposal to illustrate all the specifications of the constructions, in collaboration with the Technical Department that is responsible for building them.

Commercial chicken houses installations

Frequently Asked Questions

The characteristics of a poultry broiler shed, in terms of size, number of animals and relevant equipment, are regulated according to the reference regulations: local, European or non-European. Our staff are always in contact with the customer to find the most suitable solution according to their requirements. Our philosophy is to offer animals optimal environmental conditions, in line with their needs, to ensure an excellent output of the final food product.

The entire process is Made in Italy: from the supply of raw materials, to the design, up to the construction of the shed. This allows us to guarantee respected schedules and deliver spare parts rapidly.
A SKA commercial chicken house is the result of historical know-how: our company has been active since 1954 and was one of the first in Europe to experiment and promote free-range farming as an alternative to caged. Thanks to our experience we offer our customers the best solutions.

The cost varies: it depends on the type of farm and the conformation of the site where it is built. Furthermore, every shed must meet specific requirements set forth by the regulations, aimed at protecting the welfare of the animals. The cost is always optimised: thanks to the vast range of our products, we identify the best suited solution for the budget and requirements of every customer.

The number of animals per square metre is set forth by the regulations in force. In addition to the relevant laws, the maximum number of animals per shed may depend on the climatic conditions (in a very hot place it is not advisable to increase the number of chickens per square metre) or by specific requirements set forth by the farm in collaboration with the expert or the veterinary reference expert.

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