Mobile poultry shed

Mobile commercial poultry housing and chicken coops

Designed to meet the needs of small farms of broiler chickens and laying hens, both organic and conventional. Depending on the chosen version, it is fitted with complete with quality equipment, commonly used in large farms.

Main features

📏Dimensions: 15, 18 or 21 metres.
🏗️Structure: Prefabricated structure in galvanised steel
⚙️Movability: Transport on wheels
🔲Windows: Manual or motorised transom opening

Commercial mobile chicken coop

For laying hens, AVIO collective nests are available with automatic egg collection, galvanised steel perches integrated with FLATLINE feeding circuits, nipple drinkers, and ORION polypropylene slats. LEO, EOS or LYRA automatic pan feeders and nipple drinkers are provided in the sheds for broiler chickens.
Both versions allow the animals to go out to the winter garden on both sides.
Completely transportable on wheels, thanks to the raised base, mobile poultry house can be installed without the need for foundations. The simple handling and fast assembly help optimize farming costs.

Technical features

The mobile shed has a fixed width of 6.6 metres and a side span for the winter garden of 2 metres per side. The roof covering is in sandwich panels, while the side walls are in synthetic mesh.
Three options available for the length: 15, 18, 21 metres.

Tie-rod-free prefabricated structure in galvanised steel. The columns, made of IPE 140 profiles, are anchored to a chute. The roof covering and floor support beams are made of IPE profiles.
The purlins have an omega section and are placed over the crosspieces to support the roof covering.
The roof covering is two-layered with a 25% slope. The side panels are made of monolithic corrugated sandwich panels 40 mm thick, consisting of a double sheet coated with high-density polyurethane foam between them.
The side and head panels are made of monolithic sandwich panels 40 mm thick, consisting of a double sheet coated with high-density polyurethane foam between them.
The front includes a metal staircase and an aluminium door measuring 120 x 180 h cm to access the shed.

The kit consists of a series of high-capacity wheels that allow relocating the shed, even in the presence of animals. Between one relocation and the other, the wheels can be easily removed or can remain fixed to the structure.

Two options available for the windows: in canvas with manual or motorised guillotine opening, or in polycarbonate with manual or motorised transom opening.
The guillotine-opening outlets allow the animals to go out. Also in this case, it is possible to choose between manual or motorised opening.

The flooring includes the ORION slats and the necessary structure to support them.
The shed can be completed with equipment for laying hens such as nests with ejection, chain feeders, waterers, silo and silo spiral, or with lines of feeders for broiler chickens, waterers, silo, and silo spiral.

A front warehouse for the collection of eggs in a closed environment, the warehouse can also be used as a locker room or equipment storage.
A support structure of the feed storage silo integrated into the main structure of the shed. A water tank with a capacity of 500 litres can be included inside the shed.

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