Egg centralisation system that, through a series of polypropylene crossbars hooked to a chain, allows the transportation of eggs taking over slopes in both directions (ascent and descent) without breaking them.
The principle allowing the eggs to get over such slopes without rolling them down is based on the co-operation between the crossbars. The curves have a minimum radius in relation to the width of the equipment reducing the overall dimensions.
CONVOY system is easily adaptable to existing equipment and allows the integration and synchronisation of the eggs collection.

Technical features

CONVOY egg centralisation system is designed to transport 20,000 eggs per hour at a speed of 6 m/min. A very versatile system that, thanks to curves, straight elements and hinged elements, can cover various lengths, overcoming different slopes.
The entire system can be mounted on support legs or columns, can be hung completely or partially underground, if necessary.

Thanks to the system of open, rounded plastic crossbars, the eggs are conveyed intact and cleaned into the egg room.

It is easy to replace the crossbars, one by one, without being forced to disassemble the entire system.

The CONVOY egg conveyor can easily be integrated with existing installations. It can be extended or modified in its path and is well suited for use with various packaging machines.

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