Communal automatic nest on 1 or 2 levels, in birch plywood, specifically designed for farming laying hens, but equally performing with commercial layers raised in alternative systems.
Designed and manufactured entirely within SKA, it meets the guidelines required by European animal welfare regulations.
Thanks to the automatic collection, the farmer enters the shed only for routine inspection. This operation has the advantage of not stressing the hens, which therefore find greater comfort inside the nest where they can lay their eggs.

Technical features

Made of birch plywood, treated in such a way as to remain unaltered over time and to ensure easy cleaning and disinfection. Thanks to the special care which it is built with, the nest does not hurt the animals, does not damage the eggs and keeps them clean. The automatic egg collection provides the hens with a very comfortable environment for laying eggs.

The eggs arrive directly at the designed egg collection point through a polypropylene belt which prevents the operator from entering the farm too many times, thus ensuring greater bio-security to the animals. A wide choice of egg collection systems is available, including a bar system that conveys eggs even to collection points located far from the farm.

Furthermore, the modularity of the ZEUS nest allows for an optimal longitudinal arrangement both on the wall or in the centre.
The eggs laid on a special mat, slide into the collection channel which prevents the hens from pecking them. Each hole is equipped with a hot-dip galvanised mesh floor and a perforated synthetic mat, both removable for cleaning operations.
A mobile wire mesh panel inside each hole eliminates the egg hatching problem. An equally valid alternative is the liftable floor. Both options ensure that the hens come out of the nest gently. Once all the hens are out, the panels prevent the access to the nest during the hours set by the farmer, thus keeping it cleaner.
The nests are supported by hot-dip galvanised steel structures or stainless steel extensions.
Different heights can be chosen according to the type of farming.

Available in various models with one or two levels, central or wall-mounted, with standard 120 x 45 cm hole or with 120 x 55 cm deep hole to house about 20% more animals.
The can be combines with the ARIES and ORION slats.

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