Nest for brooding turkeys

SKA turkey nests aim to create a favourable environment for egg deposits and to ensure a high standard of hygiene. The nests for turkeys have a few differences compared to those for laying hens, since they fulfil the diverse requirements of the animals.
The chicken laying nests can be structured on one or more floors and house more animals per hole; whereas the turkey nest is placed on the ground. The nest is fitted with a conveyor belt for the eggs to be collected on the rear side.

Frequently Asked Questions

The characteristics of a turkey nest depend on the regulations in force on free-range farming.
With over 60 years of experience worldwide, SKA offers the customer the best solution based on local laws, the type of farm and the local climate.

A SKA turkey nest has the following characteristics:

  • an automated egg collection system, thanks to a conveyor belt;
  • guarantees maximum hygiene, thanks to the possibility of extracting some of the components;
  • can be placed in a central position or on the wall;
  • has individual brooding stations.

SKA offers numerous nest structures to choose from, to suit different requirements:

  • wall-mounted or central;
  • in steel, provided with ventilation holes for optimal ventilation and rubber mats for better comfort;
  • equipped with extractable components to facilitate cleaning operations.

The models of SKA turkey nests are Made In Italy, designed with an automated egg collection system, to transport them to the Service Room where they are collected and selected.

The cost of a nest for turkey eggs to be deposited varies: it depends on the materials of the structure, the size chosen and the number intended to be bought.
SKA experts can guide you to choose the most suitable product in accordance with the characteristics of the farm.

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