Poultry drinkers

Commercial poultry drinkers and watering systems

SKA has over 60 years of experience in designing and constructing poultry drinking systems farms. We have been in business since 1954, pioneers in the experimentation of free-range farming, we always work in compliance with local regulations and animal welfare. Every automatic drinking system for poultry farms is made to measure, according to the customer’s requirements.

Poultry drinking systems

The models can be integrated with accessories that facilitate washing, allow rapid administration of medicine and monitor consumption.

The types we offer are: automatic drip drinkers, available in different water flow rates, with different sizes of cups and nipples, to meet the diverse requirements of the animals; drinking systems made of plastic for small farms, suitable for chicks, layers, turkeys and chickens. Every line of drip drinkers for poultry farms guarantees a constant flow of clean water, with minimum waste and the possibility to adapt the height according to the stage of growth of the animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The characteristics of poultry drinking systems depend on:

  • the current regulations;
  • the type of farm;
  • the number of animals.

SKA carries out every project ad hoc, in compliance with local laws and customer requirements.

A drinker for poultry farms is a system dedicated to the automated and continuous supply of clean water that is necessary for animal nourishment. Depending on the stage of growth, the drinking system is placed at a different height to be easily accessible by the animals.

The advantages of SKA poultry drinking systems are:

  • rapid supply;
  • the possibility of using a turnkey project, including drinking systems;
  • the ease of use and minimal maintenance.

Every SKA project is customised: we have been listening to our customers and finding the ideal solution for all types of poultry farms since 1954.

The cost may vary according to the size and type of animals. Our Sales Department draws up a quote by analysing all the characteristics of the farm and the customer’s requirements. SKA customises every offer, always offering the best, in compliance with local directives regarding free-range farms.