GIANO is a poultry waterer that allows farmers to administer water to turkeys with a single system throughout the life cycle of the animals. Thanks to its particular shape, by changing the position of the waterer, it is possible to administer water to the turkeys up to 40 days in a first phase, and then continue until the end of the cycle using the larger trough.

Technical features

GIANO is versatile, self-cleaning, easy to install. Made of 1.9m stainless steel elements.
The trough switches from the brooding position to the fattening position, simply by turning the drinker upside down. Each trough is enough for 180 turkeys.

GIANO is positioned along the walls of the shed and allows administering water to the animals, using a single trough for the whole cycle; it also allows to keep the litter dry, the water clean, to reduce the waste of water by the animals and to reduce the labour and the interventions in the farm.
It is equipped with valve cover and a float to maintain the correct water level.
Thanks to its particular shape, it prevents turkeys from standing on the waterer regardless of its position.

The back shield of the trough, during turkey watering, stops the drops and takes them back inside the waterer. The wall and the litter remain therefore dry.

The waterer can be lifted, thus following the growth of the animal, either manually or through winches.

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