Drinkers for chickens

SKA designs and builds automatic drinking systems for rearing chickens that deliver a continuous flow of fresh and clean water, so as to ensure optimal management of animal drinking.
We offer various automatic drip models, with nipples and cups of different sizes, specifically designed for the requirements of free-range chickens and which allow consumption to be monitored.
It is also possible to integrate the drinkers with optional extras to administer medicine via water and to facilitate cleaning.
SKA has been offering the most efficient drinking solutions since 1954: minimum maintenance and zero waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

The drinkers for chickens, as well as the other complementary equipment in a farm, must be suitable to ensure the welfare of the animals.
SKA drinkers are certified for use in free-range farms and are fitted with an automated mechanism that allows water that is always fresh to flow and with specific cups to keep the bedding always dry.
The drinkers are placed in a row on a top structure, equidistant from each other. The lines can be gradually raised and adjusted according to the height of the animals, for the drinker to always be above the head of the animals so as not to hinder their movements.

The function of an automatic drinking system consists in providing the animals with fresh and clean water, through a drip system which allows waste to be limited. The height of the drinking systems must be adjusted according to that of the animals on the farm for the water to always be easily reached. Every facility can be equipped with a supply tank, which automatically feeds all the stations and which can be placed at the beginning of the line or at the centre.

The advantages of equipping your farm with a SKA drinking system are:

  • the possibility of integrating the installation of the water drinking line into our turnkey service;
  • the opportunity to obtain supply and assistance rapidly, thanks to the SKA network of trusted suppliers in various countries;
  • the vast choice of products and solutions, to fulfil diverse requirements and comply with various local regulations.

SKA has been advising its customers for over 60 years: our offers for chicken drinking systems are customised according to the requirements of the farm.

The cost of a chicken drinker can vary depending on the size of the farm, the model chosen and any optional extras.
SKA always recommends customers a customised solution.

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