Automatic nipple drinkers

Automatic nipple drinking system

Automatic nipple drinker for water distribution. Adaptable to different types of poultry farms such as broiler chickens, laying hens, ducks, breeding stock.
It is possible to choose between low or high water flow drip drinkers, single or multidirectional, to meet the various needs of the farm.
The water only comes out when the animal operates the valve. In this way, fresh and clean water is always supplied.

Technical features

Consisting of pre-assembled 3-meter elements made in rigid plastic, on which the drip drinkers are installed in different numbers and types, depending on the type of the farm and the density of the animals to be watered. The elements can be integrated with anti-stop profiles or systems.
The piping is placed above the animals’ heads so as not to hinder their movement in any way.

The drip cups are available in various sizes and are applied to the line at the nipple, to collect any drop that is lost by the animal. In this way, the litter stays dry and clean, for the benefit of a healthier environment for free-range animals.

To regulate the operating pressure of the drinkers, depending on the age of the animal and the season, a pressure regulator is positioned at the head or centre of the line, depending on the length of the system. On the opposite side, instead, a level breather is installed.
It comes complete with spiral hose of about 3 metres, for connection to the main supply line. The regulator is equipped with a by-pass device for washing the drinkers with water at inlet pressure between 1 and 3 bar.

The lifting line can be manual wall-mounted, central or motorised. At the end of the cycle it is lifted to facilitate final cleaning.

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