Turkey water systems

SKA offers turkey water drinkers that are designed and built according to the farm requirements. Our experience spans over 60 years and has made our products known throughout the world for quality, innovation and practicality.
We offer customised turkey drinking systems, designed and built in Italy, even for small farms, up to 100 animals.
After a study carried out on animal behaviour, we created GIANO, the unique drinking system, suitable for all life stages of the turkey.

  • innovative, it has a double channel system that allows the water to flow always fresh and clean;
  • adaptable, because depending on the stage of growth of the animal, it is possible to adjust its position, both for a poult and an adult turkey;
  • resistant, built in stainless steel;
  • practical, because it hangs on the wall, in an easily accessible position for the animals;
  • waste-free, because it is structured so that the drops always fall inside the channel, leaving the underlying bedding dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

A turkey drinker fulfils certain standard characteristics set forth by the applicable regulations, which are the same for the European Union and vary for non-European countries.
SKA offers its customers customised solutions, to best fulfil the requirements and comply with the reference laws.

Our products are all Made in Italy to ensure the excellence of every component of the drinking systems and the quality of the final product.
SKA offers its customers:

  • over 60 years of industry know-how;
  • outlets selling SKA products all around the world;
  • turnkey service to design, build, deliver and assemble;
  • rapid delivery times;
  • assistance that is always available.

Listening and trust have been the basis of our work since 1954.
We work alongside the customer at any time, thanks to our network of dealers and the professionalism of our Technical Department.

SKA automatic turkey drinkers ensure continuous hydration for the animals during growth stages. A SKA turkey water system:

  • ensures a constant flow of clean water;
  • is adjustable to different heights, to allow the animals to drink at any stage of growth;
  • avoids waste, because the drops that come out are collected from the back of the channel.

A turkey drinking system has a variable cost that depends on the model, size and type of farm. Our sales staff are available to illustrate the features of this product.

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