Poultry farm feeding systems

Commercial poultry feeders

Ever since 1954 SKA has been designing and building commercial poultry feeders that are functional according to free-range and organic farming requirements.
The automatic feeder models for poultry farms conform to the diverse requirements of chicks and adult birds (laying hens, chickens, turkeys, breeders, quail and ducks) and they are designed according to their specificities, following a study on animal behaviour.
The plates in a feeding line are fitted with a waste-free edge to prevent the fodder from leaking and thereby optimise farm performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

A feeding system must be:

  • conforming to the regulations on free-range farming;
  • accessible to the animals at all stages of life;
  • adjustable in the amount of dispensed fodder;
  • wear resistant;
  • easy to sanitise.

SKA offers a vast selection of Made In Italy products: this way, we reduce supply times, while guaranteeing high quality feeding systems.

A line of SKA automatic feeders is regulated by a centralised distribution mechanism that feeds the plates along the line with fodder that is always fresh, in quantities that are preset by the farmer.
Every feeder has a large access space, which allows the animals to approach without hindering or injuring each other. A waste-free edge prevents the fodder from leaking, whereas the internal ferrule prevents the chicks from stepping into the plates and onto the food.
The height of the feeders is adjustable according to the stage of growth of the animals, thanks to a practical lifting and lowering mechanism.

SKA feeders are made to measure and allow:

  • labour costs to be reduced, thanks to a central mechanism that adjusts the height of all stations in one step;
  • waste to be avoided, thanks to the design of the edge of the plates, which directs the animal towards the centre;
  • maintenance times to be optimised, thanks to the ease of cleaning;
  • installation of a feeding line to be included in our turnkey service.

The cost of a feeding system varies according to the size of the farm, the model that is chosen and the type of animal.
We have been listening to our customers since 1954 to offer the most efficient solutions according to their requirements.