Pan feeding system for female breeders; the sturdy materials and the particular shape make this feeder suitable for all breeding stock, it allows the animals to feed correctly, eliminating the feed waste.
Equipped with a system that quickly and easily adjusts the width and height of the windows to prevent access to cockerels.

Technical features

VEGA can feed 16 breeding stock at the same time, preventing them from hindering each other. The pan has been designed to distribute the animals equally around it, wider than the standard; it is equipped with trays that accumulate the feed at each access window.

The feed level inside the pan can be adjusted in 3 positions, which can be easily changed at any stage of the cycle.

The VEGA circuit is completely suspended, supported by the specific lifting system, which is required in breeding systems.

VEGA is a circuit system with feed distribution through a dragged spiral. Directly fed from the silo through one or more flexible hoses that facilitate a quick feed distribution, correctly distributed in the feeders provided along the circuit.
The system is sized according to requirements, it can reach a maximum length of 320 m and a flow rate that varies according to the number of boots inserted in the circuit, one well reaches 1200 kg/h with a speed of 30 m/min or 2100 kg/h with a speed of 60m/min.

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