Feeders for laying hens

Feeders for hens

The SKA feeding systems for layers are the result of a study of the behaviour of farmed animals and a search for shapes and materials that could best fulfil the observed requirements. Every SKA feeding system is specifically designed for a given type of farm, based on the habits found in the animals.
The feeder models that we offer for laying hens and pullets are:

  • Flatline, chain feeding system, the most used and appreciated solution. Thanks to a vast choice of accessories, it is possible to adapt the facility to the most varied requirements;
  • Lyra, a multipurpose feeder that adapts to various types of farming and is equipped with a waste-free edge, which always keeps the fodder inside the feeder.

SKA has been innovating free-range farming sector since 1954, studying solutions that optimise the stages of growth: practices to be used and designed for animal welfare.

Feeding systems for layers

Frequently Asked Questions

Hen feeders must be designed in such a way as to have ample access space so as not to create situations of clashes and injuries between the animals.

The shape of the feeders must allow feeding at all times of the rearing cycle and must therefore be distributed in easily accessible points. In order to ensure maximum hygiene, the feeding systems can be dismantled for complete cleaning. A centralised mechanism regulates the amount of food by setting the level of fodder on the plate, so as to ensure continuous and correct feeding.

The operation of the automatic and waste-free feeders for hens is divided into several stages:

  • a centralised distribution system delivers the fodder to the various stations;
  • the level of food inside the feeders is adjusted according to the stage of the hen rearing cycle;
  • the shape of the feeder allows the animals to eat from inside the plates, without letting the fodder come out, thanks to a waste-free edge and without hindering each other thanks to ample access space.

SKA feeding systems for hens are:

  • designed ad hoc based on a study on animal needs;
  • waste-free, thanks to the side edges that do not allow fodder to come out;
  • adjustable on three food levels inside the plate;
  • easy to clean;
  • accessible without complications, thanks to the ample access space.

Ever since 1954 SKA has been producing innovative products for the poultry farm sector, fulfilling the customer’s requirements and working in compliance with local regulations.

The cost of an automated layer feeding system depends on:

  • the feeder model;
  • the type and number of animals;
  • the size of the farm.

The SKA Sales Department draws up a quote based on the study of these variables and after discussing the customer’s needs.

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