The chain feeding system remains themost adopted solution in the feeding of breeding females, commercial layers and pullets.
The wide range of accessories that can be added at any time during the cycle and position, allow the system to grow and develop according to the needs of the farm.
FLATLINE is a system easy to use and maintain and, at the same time, highly reliable with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Technical features

The main feature of the FLATLINE system is the SKA hardened steel chain produced in Italy, inside the Sandrigo factory. The chain is compatible with the main feeding systems on the market and stands out for its quality and high tensile strength.
SKA guarantees a minimum chain breaking load of 12.5kN, even our quality standards are higher.

The system can be adapted according to the farming needs, thanks to a wide range of available options, which can be included in the initial study or added during the cycle, thus allowing the system to develop further. The characteristic flexibility allows the use of this feeding system in free-range and aviary farms.

Depending on the needs of the type of farming, the circuit can be placed on the ground supported by legs or perches, equipped with lifting system to be used only at the end of the cycle to facilitate cleaning. In the case of breeding stock, it can be completely suspended throughout the entire farming cycle through motorised winches suitable for daily lifting.

Flatline has an average feed capacity of 0.7 kg / linear meter, the distribution speed varies according to the number of hoppers supplied and the sliding speed of the chain. Assembled directly on the hoppers or independent along the circuit, the drive units bring the chain to the chosen speed, which can vary depending on the model, from 12 m/min to 38 m/min.

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