Pan feeding system for turkeys
During the first days of the cycle the pan feeder supplies plenty of feed preventing young turkeys from entering inside the pan and, thanks to its anti-waste border, the feed does not drop on the floor. The passage from the first to the second part of the cycle occurs thanks to the centralised feed level adjustment. To allow the correct feeding of the turkeys, during the adult phase, it is necessary to fix a positioning collar on the feeder.

Technical features

Thanks to the feed-retaining arches of the external grid and the internal regulator ring, feed waste is reduced to a minimum during the brooding phase, as they prevent the chick from scraping around inside the pan and soiling the feed. Furthermore, they educate the adult turkey to feed itself by staying outside of the pan. During the adult phase, the feed level is kept to a minimum but constantly supplied in proportion to the animals’ appetite, thus preventing stagnation and rancidification.
The space created between the grid and the pan allows reusing that part of the feed that the animal does not eat.

The feed level can be easily changed through the feeder drop tube, designed with 3 adjustment options, which can be selected at any time during the animal’s cycle. An important change has been made to the LYRA-T drop tube, which has been lengthened by 80 mm compared to the LYRA. This allows the turkeys, in the adult phase, to easily access the feed without being hindered by the line pipe.

The centralised lifting winch, which can be manual or motorised, it lifts the line in a single operation, following the growth of the animal.

The feed is distributed through a spiral that rotates inside 3 or 6 m long galvanised perforated tubes with a thickness of 1.2 mm. Different distances between the holes are available to ensure the number of feeders necessary for the growth of the turkeys. Designed with an internal welding that keeps the tube cylindrical. This detail does not damage the spiral during its rotation and does not create any external obstacle. An opening at one end of each tube makes it easier to install the next.

Two pans with different heights, 6.3 cm or 7.5 cm.
An external collar that increases the feed-retaining capacity in the feeder. Its use is essential starting from 40 days of the turkey’s life.

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