Turkey feeding systems

SKA has been working in the poultry sector since 1954, offering products that are innovative, functional and specific for every type of animal. We offer custom solutions based on the needs of the farmer, while respecting the welfare of the turkeys and in compliance with regulations on free-range farming.
Our models of turkey feeding systems are resistant to animal collisions and adaptable to the growth stages of the animals, thanks to the interchangeability of the plates.

Frequently Asked Questions

A turkey feeder must be:

  • resistant, due to the number of animals as they could damage it while feeding;
  • hygienic, for this reason SKA uses synthetic materials instead of metal, without affecting the robustness of the structure;
  • easy to reach for animals at all stages of their life cycle.

The SKA feeding systems are equipped with an automated mechanism that adjusts the amount of fodder in the plates and the height of the line, to adapt to the development periods of the turkeys.

SKA feeders are entirely Made in Italy, from the materials to the design and construction process, so as to ensure high quality components and excellent output of the final product. The SKA feeding stations for turkeys can be included in the turnkey service offer: we take care of the delivery and installation of a complete feeding line inside the shed

The main function of the SKA automatic and waste-free feeders is to feed the turkey correctly at every stage of development, with the right amount of food, limiting the loss of fodder. For this purpose, SKA feeding lines are fitted with:

  • plates with high waste-free edges;
  • automatic mechanism by means of a winch, which adjusts the height of the feeder line according to the growth of the animals.

The cost of a turkey feeding system depends on:

  • the size of the farm;
  • feeder model;
  • farmer requirements.

SKA offers a turnkey and customised service: from advice to implementation; from delivery to assembly. Our experts are always at the customer’s disposal.

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