Silos and Auger

Equipment often sold together, complementary to each other.
A wide range of silos and augers is available. The main distinction between the models is the flow rate and capacity, the systems are supplied suitably sized according to the needs of each farm. The many accessories allow responding to various needs and making them performant also in the feed distribution on significant lengths.

Technical features

Silos made of galvanised corrugated sheet metal, the high galvanising layer reduces temperature changes inside the silo and keeps the feed cool and dry. The smooth, unobstructed cone facilitates the correct feed flow. Metal silos are the solution for optimal feed storage.

The silos can be integrated with the weighing system with compression load cells. Connected to a weight control module, it is possible to dose the set quantity of feed to be distributed in the farm, keeping track of important parameters such as the weight reduction of the feed in the silo, the distribution time, the daily feed and water consumption.

Automatic system to transport the feed from the silo to the feeding lines located in the farm. It consists of a boot, a tube with a flexible transport spiral available in different diameters, and a final drive unit with drop connection. The spiral system does not de-mix the feed; it can be curved to adapt to the needs of the shed, the air-tightness of the tube preserves the nutritional properties of the feed that always arrives fresh to the animals.

The SPIRALINE feed distribution systems can be supplied with single or multiple sloped, horizontal or through-hole outlet boots. The length of the distribution line varies according to the diameter chosen. In any case, all models can be equipped with an intermediate drive unit which allows the maximum length achievable to be doubled. When choosing among the different drops, there are also motorised ones which, connected to specific weighing systems, allow automatic loading of the line hoppers.

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