Gamma feeder

Automatic pan feeder, used for broiler chickens raised with alternative systems. Conceived with a simple and essential design. The use of non-toxic, UV-resistant polypropylene is common to all other SKA pan feeders, ensuring excellent wear resistance and a high level of hygiene.
The few components that make it up, the ease of assembly and maintenance, make it particularly suitable for those markets that are approaching the first automatic systems, in farms even of significant dimensions.

Technical features

The day-old chick in its first days of life can easily reach the feed which fills the pan of the Gamma feeder abundantly. When the chicken reaches maturity, the level of the feed is kept to a minimum, but consistently supplied in proportion to the animals’ appetite, thus preventing stagnation and rancidification of the feed.

Three feed level adjustments depending on the amount you want to put on the pan. The adjustment of these three levels is carried out manually within the first 15 days of the chick’s life. Then, the centralised lifting winch, which can be manual or motorised, it will lift all the pans in the line at the same time, following the animals’ growth until the end of their life cycle.

The feed is distributed through a spiral that rotates inside 3 m long galvanised perforated tubes with a thickness of 1 mm. The tubes feature an outlet hole positioned at 100 cm or 75 cm to guarantee the number of feeders necessary for the growth of the chickens, and are designed with internal welding, which keeps the tube cylindrical. This detail does not damage the spiral during its rotation and does not create any external obstacle. An opening at one end of each tube makes it easier to install the next.

At the end of the cycle, the pan can be easily separated from the grid and can remain suspended for cleaning operations.

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