Aviaries for laying hens and pullets

Poultry aviaries

SKA has been in the poultry product sector since 1954: the design of our products is appreciated all around the world for innovation and practicality.
SKA poultry aviaries (laying hens and pullets) allow more animals to be accommodated than conventional free-range farming, without preventing the animals from enjoying freedom of movement.

Poultry aviaries

We offer different models, for pullets and adult layers: every aviary has a polypropylene belt on the floors, which carries the droppings out, to ensure excellent cleanliness. The structures come complete with feeders and drinkers, which can be reached via trestles. Eggs are collected in central nests and side belts, so as to minimise waste and deposited outside the designated areas. SKA offers the possibility of centralising egg collection through Convoy: a practical bar conveyor system, which can be configured according to the length of the facility and the path to follow.

Poultry aviaries installations

Frequently Asked Questions

An aviary for laying hens must fulfil certain requirements, including:

  • a maximum number of animals, set forth by the applicable regulations in force;
  • the presence of drinkers and feeders that are easily accessible by the animals;
  • the hygiene of the areas;
  • the possibility for animals to move freely within the facility.

SKA aviary poultry systems are made to measure, in compliance with local laws and animal welfare.

All SKA products are Made in Italy: from the design to the individual components, so as to ensure long-lasting quality.
Our aviaries are the best solution for rearing pullets and layers because:

  • they allow you to rear more hens than those used for free-range farming;
  • they optimise costs and schedules, thanks to the automated systems for collecting eggs and removing droppings;
  • they guarantee freedom of movement for the animals and suitable egg deposit stations.

Over the years, SKA has built a solid network of dealers in various countries, thanks to which we can offer customers direct contact and rapid supply.

The cost of an aviary can vary depending on the model and size of the farm: we take care of drawing up a quote based on the customer’s requirements.
It is also possible to include the supply of aviaries in our turnkey service: from design to delivery, including installation.