Drinkers for laying hens

SKA supplies drinking systems for free-range and organic laying hens, in accordance with European directives. Our extensive experience in the sector (we have been in business since 1954) and the Made In Italy quality that distinguishes our products, has allowed us to work all around the world and to fulfil various requirements, in compliance with local regulations.
The automated drinkers we offer are drip-type, to avoid waste and monitor consumption, with cups and nipples that can be adapted to various sizes. The models are functional for thorough cleaning and can be integrated with accessories that facilitate the administration of soluble medicine.
We have been listening to our customers since 1954 so as to offer innovative and functional solutions for drinking systems intended for laying hen farms.

Frequently Asked Questions

An automatic drinking system for hens must primarily conform to certain requirements set forth by local regulations, which vary according to the country, regarding the laying hen farms (conventional or organic).
In general, an automatic hen drinker must allow the animals to reach the water easily and be fitted with a correctly sized cup so as to avoid water leaks and to keep the bedding dry.
SKA has been working worldwide for over 60 years and thanks to a vast range of drinkers for hens, it is always able to find the most suitable solution according to the customer’s requirements.

The drinking systems for laying hens, together with the feeding systems, are designed to provide the necessary nourishment to the animals. Depending on the age of the animal and the stage of growth, a different amount of water and a different height of the drinking system are required. Therefore, a drinker must be adjustable in terms of distance from the ground and water flow so as to always guarantee easy access to the animals. The water can be supplied from a tank or from the water mains and kept free of air bubbles thanks to the vent units.

SKA has many years of experience in the farm equipment sector: we were among the first in Europe to adopt the free-range rearing system, as an alternative to a cage system. We work with respect for animal welfare and offer a vast range of products that fulfil diverse requirements and various local regulations. We work all around the world, thanks to a network of suppliers that guarantees the customer direct contact and rapid assistance. We promote the Made in Italy philosophy: from the design to the production of the drinking systems, every stage is managed in Italy to guarantee reduced delivery times.

The cost of a hen drinker depends on several factors:

  • the size of the farm;
  • system model;
  • presence of optional products.

SKA follows a custom process at every stage to fulfil the customer’s requirements as best as possible.

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