Poultry laying nests

SKA free-range poultry laying nests are designed and built in detail, following a Made in Italy process. Thanks to our experience of over 60 years in the sector, we identify the ideal solution based on the requirements of the farmer and the type of farm. Our philosophy is based on two principles: ease of use and guaranteed thorough hygiene – two fundamental elements to obtain an excellent final product. SKA nests allow more eggs to be produced with a lower risk of breaking, thereby reducing waste.

SKA sells two models of collective nests for laying hens: wall-mounted or central:

  • Avio, with a galvanised steel structure and polypropylene perch;
  • Zeus, in multilayer birch wood with an openable roof.

Poultry laying nests installations

Frequently Asked Questions

A nest for commercial or breeding layers must guarantee a peaceful and protected environment for brooding. The collective nests – AVIO and ZEUS models by SKA – are designed to allow hens to lay their eggs inside the holes, so that the shells remain intact and clean. The nests have two inlets, to maintain easy entry and exit flows of the hens, which can be regulated by closing the ejection system at certain times, set by the Farm Manager. The SKA nests for laying hens are also designed to be set longitudinally, so as to leave passageways for the animals and allow them to move freely.

Egg collection is fully automated, thanks to a sliding belt that transports the eggs directly to the Service Room, where they are then sorted.

A nest for free-range layers is a product that is designed and built in compliance with the characteristics of an organic farm that are set forth by European regulations.
SKA was one of the first companies in Europe to adopt the free-range farming method and to share this culture as an alternative to cage farming.

An organic farm guarantees:

  • limited number of animals per square metre;
  • nourishment with organic fodder;
  • animals move freely in contact with the ground.

There are several advantages when you choose SKA nest structures, for example you can:

  • choose from several models in different sizes;
  • be certain to be investing in animal comfort and to obtain less cracked and cleaner eggs;
  • facilitate cleaning and disinfection operations thanks to the removable and sliding materials;
  • reduce labour costs, thanks to automated egg collection technology.

The cost of a chicken laying nest depends on the size and number of nests you intend to purchase. SKA always proposes a customised offer based on customer requirements. Our Technical Department and our sales staff are at your disposal to illustrate the characteristics of the nests for laying hens in more detail.

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