Breeder poultry houses

SKA builds and sells customised poultry houses for breeders. We have been in the poultry houses sector since 1954 and one of the first companies in Europe to specialise in the production of equipment for free-range farming.
We work all around the world in compliance with local regulations and according to the customer’s requirements. We offer turnkey service that includes the design and construction of the shed and complementary equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A breeder house must primarily guarantee animal welfare, satisfying their basic needs, such as:

  • freedom of movement, which is why SKA sheds are always sized to guarantee the correct number of animals per square metre;
  • nourishment, we offer feeding and drinking systems designed according to the behaviour of the breeders;
  • favourable climatic conditions, guaranteed thanks to our ventilation, cooling and heating systems, to maintain an optimal temperature inside the shed throughout the year.

SKA always works in compliance with local regulations regarding free-range farming.
Thanks to the vast range of products we offer, we can fulfil diverse criteria and requirements.

SKA sheds for breeder hens and roosters are the ideal solution because:

  • they are customised;
  • they can be completed with all the necessary equipment, delivered and assembled, thanks to our turnkey service;
  • they are built with materials made in Italy, to ensure excellent quality and rapid delivery.

Furthermore, our customer service is always available to the customer, who can count on a network of SKA product dealers in various countries.

The cost of a breeder house depends on:

  • the model of the shed;
  • the size of the farm;
  • the choice of complementary equipment.

We customise the offer according to the customer’s requirements and if possible, carry out an inspection to further evaluate the environmental context in which the shed will be built, to recommend the best solution.

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